Great Surprise Birthday Ideas

Are planning a surprise birthday party, but don’t know how and where to start? If  you don’t want the usual “Let’s dine out” or a “booked party” at any of the nearby restaurants around, then look no more as there are lots of surprise birthday ideas you can consider in any given situations. All you have to do is consider the birthday celebrant’s likes and dislikes, gear up your creative and organizational skills, and you’re ready to go!

Here are some surprise birthday ideas depending on location and situations:

The Office Surprise

Office Surprise

If you are celebrating your boss’ or your colleagues’s birthday bash, and you want to surprise him then this is the place where you can set up a surprise birthday party easily.You know the time he usually comes in and it will give you much time to set up everything before he enters the building. Order the food if you are not cooking, have it delivered early in the morning and set it up. Don’t forget to add balloons and the birthday signage where the birthday celebrant can see as he enters the office door.

Of course, you need help from other coworkers. Gather everyone around and greet the celebrant a big “Happy Birthday!!!”and pop the confetti as he enters the door. Unexpected or not, the celebrant will surely appreciate the effort you’ve all done for his special day.

The Momentous Indoor Surprise

Momentous Indoor Surprise

In this situation, the usual celebrant is a relative, a loved one or a friend. The theme usually depends on the likes of the celebrant. If it is a kid, the theme should be colorful and the food should be something most kids love like spaghetti, ice cream, cupcakes and candies. Don’t forget to prepare some kid’s game during the event – it adds to the fun and children love the prize that comes with it.

For young adults, a surprise birthday usually happens with their friends around. So you have to invite his friends to be present in the surprise birthday party. This surprise birthday idea will certainly make the celebrant happy. If one of your parents is celebrating, a complete attendance of family members, especially those they haven’t seen for a long time, will make the occasion meaningful and special.

The Remarkable Outdoors Surprise

Remarkable Outdoors Surprise

Most of the parties that happened outdoors could be called a grand celebration because it needs a massive preparation considering the space of the location. Deciding and preparing the theme and the decors, only a creative mind and a lot of hands could pull it off. Generally, the whole event should match the theme that the celebrant likes with lots of foods, balloons, confetti, games and visitors. Consider having a special guest, a personal or a phone patch message from an important person as the highlight of the party.

Other than these three, there are a lot of other surprise birthday ideas you can get from the internet just by looking it up on Google. One great  source of ideas could be Pinterest as most members there post photos that will surely help those who are planning for a surprise birthday party. Planning a party is not an easy task to do especially if you are organizing a great event that would surprise the celebrant. However, all efforts are worth it if you want to make the birthday celebrant fee appreciated and loved.