The Amazing Disappearing Kendall Jenner Tattoo

Kendall Jenner is another of the famous Kardashian siblings. The daughter of Caitlyn and Kris Jenner, she is a well-known fashion model and TV personality. As a celebrity with a strong cult following, Kendall has been careful in choosing what tattoos to have. So far she has opted for small productions, which are discrete and look delicate. A Kendall Jenner tattoo seems to blend in and be forgotten. You would have a hard time to verify it yourself. She did not get her first tattoo until after she turned 18.

One of Kendall’s most publicized tattoos was of a coiled snake, which was done along her thigh up to her hips. It was part of a modeling gig.

Kendall has several tattoos on her body. She has a small tattoo, which says “blessed” on her shoulder.

In some photoshoots or runway shows, Kendall has been seen with various temporary tattoos. This star collection is part of a set, which included several other stars on her body.

You would have to ask yourself why anyone would want a tattoo in white. You would also never understand the significance of a small tattoo, which looks like a dot on your finger.

Kendall has a white tattoo on her finger in the shape of a heartbreak. This is a BFF tattoo as her friend Hailey Baldwin also has one on her finger but in red.

In a recent photo shoot, Kendall sported a temporary tattoo of an eagle wing on her shoulder and arm.

Kendall as a model does not want to have any large tattoos, or at least not yet. In the meantime, she indulges herself with temporary sharpie tattoos like the antelope skull on her finger.

New York tattoo artist Jon Boy was referred to Kendall by her best friend Hailey Baldwin. Her first tattoo was done as a BFF ink with her bestie.

Kendall also has another BFF tattoo. This time it’s on the side of a finger, and simply states “baldwin” in script.